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EZ Home Guard

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Like other folks, we had a problem with our screen door. Actually, the problem really lies with the screen door latch. It’s nestled too close to the screen. There’s too little room for your hand to operate the latch lever – not without your hand, knuckles or fist poking into the screen. Reaching further to trip the distant locking lever is even more difficult. My wife often chips her nails…and hollers. And we were fed up with repairing  damaged screens.

We learned to violently slam open palms into the handle lever, forcing it to quickly disengage and release the door - so we could push our way through. After replacing several damaged screen door latches – we finally grabbed an idea. Why not add a protective plate – to cover the screen surface and resolve our frustration? Perhaps the latch could be operated properly without us threatening the screen or beating the latch to death.

I clipped a thin piece of poster board to fit between the latch and screen door frame. It extended enough to lie between the latch lever and the screen – right where my knuckles usually reached. It seemed to work. It didn’t scuff the screen at all. Now we knew we had a good idea!

The fun of inventing!

Next, we perfected the design by shaping a thin plastic part to include a more attractive rounded profile and some smooth slots to clear existing screws (that secure most universal door latches). Now you just loosened the screws, slide the guard in place and retightened the screws. Eureka, simple is better!

Losen 2 screws

Slide guard beneath latch

Tighten screws

A local printing firm agreed to construct a steel rule die for cutting thin sheets of black plastic - impregnated with a UV inhibitor to defeat sunlight. Fantastic!

How simple is that!

Today we can brag a new patented invention. It’s now called the E-Z Home Guard. For marketing purposes, we preferred to promote the benefits of personal and home safety gained from the latch shield. Yes, it still avoids the screen damage of anxious knuckles and eliminates busted finger nails. But better still, it provides an obvious means of locating the latch – whether you're under duress, hurried or in dim light. And your finger is guided for quickly finding the locking latch- whenever you need to discreetly unlock (or lock) the door.

 Your finger finds the locking trigger!

Let’s face it, there’s not much profit in selling a simple sheet of plastic. But the E-Z Home Guard certainly serves a purpose as a clever screen protector.
And extra home and personal protection is a considerable benefit to offer anyone..
So, there may be several marketing consideraions for the device.
 1.) For retailers and consumers - the multiple packs offer favorable price points.
 2) A door or latrch manufacturer might like to offer this security feature.
 3) The premium market always craves new, affordable “give-a-way” items.
 4) Either way, the E-Z Home Guard could show printed bands or logos.

 Now there's some good ideas!

Opportunities are here...

A)  The product is protected by multiple patents.
B)  It's at Edison Nation for consideration with new product searches.
C)  We're willing to sell, merge or license the product to qualified marketers.
D)  Meanwhile we offer limited factory direct sales during our pre-launch period. 
E )  Product displays are available to selected stores for retail testing.
F)  You can own a sample pack of 4 for only $2.95


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